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    Насколько актуальная управляемая краниогипотермия при инсульте?
    Актуальна, при наличии аппарата для управляемой краниогипотермии
    Актуальна, мы ее уже используем
    Без нее справляемся и справляться будем
    Я не знаю, что это такое

    АВТОРИЗАЦИЯ НА САЙТЕИспользуйте свой логин и пароль
    africaner7 мая 2016 05:59
    A TEAM of KHARKOV BIOPHYSICISTS have developed a unique TOOL for measuring pain Intensity by hemodynamic markers. The TOOL went through cliniic probation. The results ofits testing were reported at open Int. Conference on Pain, taking place in Ukraine (Kharkov). All interested in promoting the new measurin Device in practical treatment, are invited to partnership
    Diloro24 ноября 2017 10:34
    Please add me in this group. 
    Aly Chiman13 сентября 2018 19:34
    Hello there, My name is Aly and I would like to know if you would have any interest to have your website here at neurology.com.ua promoted as a resource on our blog alychidesigns.com ? We are in the midst of updating our broken link resources to include current and up to date resources for our readers. Our resource links are manually approved allowing us to mark a link as a do-follow link as well . If you may be interested please in being included as a resource on our blog, please let me know. Thanks, Aly
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